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dem-hips asked:


Greed: something i can’t get enough of

it’s really easy to say something obvious here like ‘money’ or ‘time’ or ‘coffee’ or ‘new music’ but digging a bit deeper, something i can’t get enough of are the spots of happiness in my friends’ lives, if that makes sense?? it seems like with a new season brought new changes; a lot of people i (we) know were facing some terribad hardships but seeing everyone overcoming their obstacles and smiling a bit more is something i’ll never get enough of!

remiems asked:


Gluttony: one of my favourite foods

we all know what my actual favourite food is so I’ll go for something else: potatoes!! Any colour and any style. Sweet, russet, white, red, give it to me boiled or mashed or diced i don’t care i just. i love potatoes a lot.

(technically sweet potato isn’t a potato but shh)

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