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today i did a thing to unwind but by the end it ended up not being very unwindy but i had a lot of fun with (parts) of this and i am pleased so up it goes onto the tumbles

this is mistel from story of seasons and i will not burden this caption with an explanation of what that means, except to say it is a game by the same people who made the game series formerly known as harvest moon and i am very excited to play it when it is localized to the us

parody of this image, inspired by but not even coming close to living up to the majesty that is jc leyendecker's art for the saturday evening post

the punchline is that mistel is afraid of birds ha ha ha rolls off to bed



/spends an embarrassingly long time drawing an answer to a simple question

I talked a lot with friend & fellow-comicker Steph and she helped me organise this a lot, so hopefully something here is helpful for you guys!

Getting a website or what resolution/size you wanna draw your pages and things like that are good to think about, too, but I think those things are secondary! The most important thing is to GO FOR ITTTTTT!!! 

Also, you can always use tumblr for a website until you get that figured out. Here’s a tumblr theme for comics Steph pointed out to me!

Shazz and I chatted about webcomics some, and she has a lot of really good advice for starting out!!!

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